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Unsinkable Sam

{ Article added: 01/21/2013 }
Unsinkable Sam was the nickname given to a ship's cat who served on board three vessels in World War II and survived the sinking of each ship. He was originally part of the German battleship Bismarck which was sunk ...Read More »

Oceanic whitetip shark

{ Article added: 08/30/2009 }
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While other sharks are more often called the most dangerous killers in the seas, the oceanic whitetip shark is in fact the shark responsible for the most attacks on humans. Surprisingly, it has attacked more humans than all other ...Read More »


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Also known as The Margate Monster, Trunko is the name given to a mysterious animal that appeared like "a giant polar bear" and was sighted off the coast of South Africa in 1924. Witnesses first saw the creature while ...Read More »


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Aachenosaurus was the name given to a species of duck-billed dinosaur that was identified by scientist Gerard Smets in 1888. He discovered what he thought were the fossilized remains of jaw fragments, and made multiple determinations as to the ...Read More »

Jim Corbett

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Jim Corbett was a famed big game hunter who tracked and killed at least a dozen man-eating tigers and leopards in India in the early 20th century. He hunted alone and on foot, and preferred to stalk his prey ...Read More »

Silver Spring monkeys

{ Article added: 04/28/2009 }
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The Silver Spring Monkeys were 17 macaque monkeys that were used at the Institute of Behavioral Research in Silver Spring, Maryland for neurological studies. Due to an extended legal battle surrounding the animals, they were referred to as "the ...Read More »

Bummer and Lazarus

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Bummer and Lazarus were two stray dogs renowned for their ratting ability, close bond, and popularity with the populace of San Francisco in the 1860s. Bummer had allegedly saved Lazarus when he was being attacked by a much larger ...Read More »