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Great Pacific Garbage Patch

{ Article added: 08/09/2009 }
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The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a huge mass of plastic debris and other associated trash that has collected in an area of the Pacific Ocean. The "trash vortex" floats just below the surface of the water, so it ...Read More »

Action Park

{ Article added: 06/03/2009 }
Action Park, also referred to as "Death Park", was located in New Jersey and was one of the first water parks in the United States. It was known for its dangerous attractions, poor safety record, and largely ignored safety ...Read More »

Burj Dubai

{ Article added: 05/24/2009 }
The Burj Dubai is a skyscraper currently under construction in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and although the building is not yet finished and open, it is the tallest structure in the world. It stands 2,684 feet (818 meters) and ...Read More »

Sam Kee Building

{ Article added: 05/18/2009 }
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At just under five feet in width, the Sam Kee Building in Vancouver, British Columbia, is the narrowest commercial building in the world. Originally a standard-sized building, the lot was reduced by 24 feet during a road widening project ...Read More »

Pavlov’s House

{ Article added: 05/08/2009 }
Pavlov's House was a half-ruined, four-story apartment building in the center of Stalingrad that became a symbol of Soviet resistance during World War II. During the Battle of Stalingrad, the building was defended by a group of Russians usually ...Read More »

Ryugyong Hotel

{ Article added: 04/28/2009 }
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The Ryugyong Hotel is a 105 story, unfinished skyscraper in the North Korean capital of Pyongyang. Construction first began in 1987, but financial issues halted work on the project in 1992. The building of the hotel began as ...Read More »

Bering Strait bridge

{ Article added: 04/26/2009 }
The Bering Strait bridge is a proposed bridge that would span the Bering Strait and link the continents of Asia and North America between Russia and Alaska. The hypothetical bridge has also been referred to as The Intercontinental Peace ...Read More »