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SS Baychimo

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The SS Baychimo is a famous ghost ship that was abandoned in 1931 but continued to be sighted along the Alaskan coastline through 1969. It was originally a ship that served on trade routes for the Germans in World ...Read More »

Unsinkable Sam

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Unsinkable Sam was the nickname given to a ship's cat who served on board three vessels in World War II and survived the sinking of each ship. He was originally part of the German battleship Bismarck which was sunk ...Read More »

Charlie Brown and Franz Stigler incident

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In 1943, American pilot Charlie Brown was flying his B-17 bomber into Nazi Germany when the plane was nearly shot down, with many of the crew members wounded. Luftwaffe fighter pilot Franz Stigler came upon the crippled bomber and, ...Read More »

Sherman’s neckties

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Sherman's neckties are the name given to Confederate railroad rails destroyed by the Union Army under the command of William Tecumseh Sherman in the Civil War. The rails were heated until they could be twisted into a loop resembling ...Read More »

Red Scare

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Red Scare is a phrase used to refer to periods of anti-Communism in the United States. The first "red scare" took place began towards the end of World War I and was generally characterized by worker revolution as well ...Read More »

McLean House

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On July 21, 1861, the first major battle of the American Civil War took place on farmland owned by Wilmer McLean. It was called the First Battle of Bull Run. Seeking to get away from the war, McLean, ...Read More »

Dieter Dengler

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Dieter Dengler was a Navy pilot during the Vietnam War whose capture and imprisonment in Laos as a POW was the subject of the film Rescue Dawn. The prison camp was operated by the Pathet Lao, and Dengler was ...Read More »