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Gretna Green

{ Article added: 03/20/2010 }
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After a law was passed in England in 1753 that required parental consent for any marriage when the parties were both not 21 years old, the village of Gretna Green in Scotland became a very popular destination for eloping couples. ...Read More »

Mock execution

{ Article added: 05/02/2009 }
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Mock execution is a method of torture where victims are made to believe they are about to executed in order to get them to confess. It has been used on multiple occasions by governments and military organizations as a ...Read More »

Trading with the Enemy Act

{ Article added: 04/05/2009 }
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The Trading with the Enemy Act is a federal law in the United States that restricts trade with countries hostile to the United States. The law was first enacted in 1917 and gives the President ultimate authority for preventing ...Read More »

Cadaver Synod

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In January of 897, Pope Stephen VI had the corpse of Pope Formosus disinterred, placed on a throne, and made to stand trial, an event referred to as the Cadaver Synod. The purpose of the event is thought to ...Read More »


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Mopery is technically a criminal act, though it is worded with vague and confusing terminology. The law itself dictates that a person who is "walking down the street with no clear destination or purpose" is guilty of mopery and ...Read More »

Spectral evidence

{ Article added: 03/23/2009 }
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Used as evidence against those accused of withcraft in the Salem Witch Trials in Massachusetts in 1692-1693, spectral evidence is founded on dreams or visions. During the trial, a witness could give testimony that the defendant attacked the person ...Read More »

Comstock laws

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Comstock laws were federal regulations prohibiting "obscene, lewd, and/or lascivious" materials being sent through the mail. Also banned was the distribution of contraceptive devices, information about contraception, and educational materials about abortion. The laws were mainly supported by ...Read More »