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List of Saturday Night Live episodes

{ Article added: 11/21/2009 }
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Beginning with the first episode, airing October 11, 1975, and hosted by George Carlin with musical guests Billy Preston and Janis Ian, this list is a complete representation of the host and musical guest(s) for each episode of the American ...Read More »

List of The Simpsons couch gags

{ Article added: 11/06/2009 }
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Viewers of the long running FOX television show The Simpsons should be familiar with the recurring, unique joke at the end of the show's opening credits: the so-called "couch gag". The couch gag occurs when the Simpson family rushes ...Read More »

List of shortest reigning monarchs of all time

{ Article added: 09/06/2009 }
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Organized here is a list of the rulers who were in power for the shortest period of time, and those who reigned for under one year. King Louis XIX of France held the throne for approximately twenty minutes on ...Read More »

List of works published posthumously

{ Article added: 07/18/2009 }
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Many works in the area of music, literature, film, and drama have entered the public eye only after the death of its creator (or, in the case of film, a person involved in the production of the project). Perhaps ...Read More »

List of most expensive films

{ Article added: 07/04/2009 }
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Assembled on this list are the most expensive films ever made. Costs are presented with inflation both accounted for and not accounted for, and the expense listed is the cost of actual filming as no promotional costs are considered. ...Read More »

List of unusual deaths

{ Article added: 06/05/2009 }
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Collected here is a list of deaths with unusual or exceptionally rare circumstances. Just a sample of the unusual deaths organized into one list are: Chrysippus, Greek philosopher, who died of laughter while watching his drunk donkey eating figs. Sir Arthur ...Read More »

List of common misconceptions

{ Article added: 05/08/2009 }
Through the years, many tidbits, anecdotes, and stories have entered popular culture and have been interpreted as facts when they are actually misconceptions. A sample of these misconceptions: George Washington did not have wooden teeth, Napoleon Bonaparte was slightly ...Read More »