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1996 Everest disaster

{ Article added: 09/27/2009 }
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On May 10-11, 1996, freak weather conditions and a bottleneck of climbers led to what has been called the 1996 Everest disaster, when eight people died on Mt. Everest while attempting to reach the summit. The principle parties involved ...Read More »

Russian Winter

{ Article added: 05/05/2009 }
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Russian Winter is a term used to explain or even excuse failed invasions of Russia. Also known as Soviet Winter, General Winter, and General Snow, the winter weather has been at times so severe as to see temperatures drop ...Read More »

Red rain in Kerala

{ Article added: 04/02/2009 }
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Beginning as early as 1896 but gaining widespread attention between July and September of 2001, rain that was colored red and compared to blood was observed to fall in Kerala in southern India. A loud sound and flash of ...Read More »

Lluvia de Peces

{ Article added: 03/28/2009 }
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Lluvia de Peces, or Rain of Fish, is an unexplained weather phenomenon that has taken place at least once per year in Honduras between May and July for over a century. The fish are found on the ground after ...Read More »

The Miracle of the Sun

{ Article added: 03/24/2009 }
Three children predicted that a miracle would occur on a specific day in Portugal in 1917. The ten-minute event became known as "The Miracle of the Sun", and many agreed that it was indeed a miracle. On the ...Read More »

Draupner wave

{ Article added: 03/22/2009 }
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The Draupner wave is a name attributed to a rogue wave that occurred on January 1, 1995 in the North Sea. The extremely rare wave -- estimated to be 1 in 200,000 -- reached a maximum height of 84 ...Read More »