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Hollow Nickel Case

{ Article added: 05/06/2009 }
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Categories : Cold War, Cryptography
The Hollow Nickel Case was the uncovering of a communication system utilized by the Soviet Union for espionage purposes in the United States. In 1953, a Brooklyn paper boy was paid with a nickel that felt too light. ...Read More »

One-time pad

{ Article added: 05/02/2009 }
A one-time pad is an encryption method utilizing an algorithm created with the use of randomly generated text used only once. First used in 1917, the strength of the cryptography is due to it being used only one time, ...Read More »

Numbers station

{ Article added: 04/20/2009 }
Numbers stations are shortwave radio stations broadcasting random streams of numbers, words, letters, tunes, or Morse code. It is assumed that these stations are a clandestine form of communication to spies, although no conclusive determination has been made. ...Read More »

Voynich manuscript

{ Article added: 04/08/2009 }
The Voynich manuscript is an illustrated book dating to the 15th century. Not one single word in the entire work has been deciphered, and it has remained an object of mystery and scrutiny for years. The language used ...Read More »

Beale ciphers

{ Article added: 03/27/2009 }
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The Beale ciphers are three mysterious, encrypted documents that supposedly hold the location to buried treasure worth an estimated $30 million hidden somewhere in Virginia. The treasure was buried in the year 1820 by a man named Thomas Beale ...Read More »