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Oceanic whitetip shark

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While other sharks are more often called the most dangerous killers in the seas, the oceanic whitetip shark is in fact the shark responsible for the most attacks on humans. Surprisingly, it has attacked more humans than all other shark species combined. It inhabits deep, open water in tropical and warm temperate locations. It is active in both and day and night, and does not usually approach the shoreline. The oceanic whitetip preys on victims of shipwrecks and plane crashes at sea. The most famous incident regarding the oceanic whitetip preying on humans was the sinking of the USS Indianapolis. The species is threatened due to its fins being harvested for use in shark fin soup.

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  1. I wouldn’t want to mess with it

  2. Sharks are my greatest fear, next to plane (crashes), as well as my greatest fascination. This was very interesting. I had never even heard of this species of shark. Typically only hear alot about great whites, tigers, to name a few on the news more frequently than others.

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