Are you searching for interesting reads on Wikipedia? Do you enjoy finding new, but also informative and detailed topics? This site has organized a collection of links to articles that are of particular interest, whether for the depth of information presented in the article, or the unique subject matter itself, or simply how “cool” the article is in general. The Wikipedia articles summarized here are also of note for their strange, informative, bizarre, fascinating, creepy, interesting, or mysterious content.


Cool Wiki Articles is a collection of summaries and links to Wikipedia articles that are of note for the informative content, the level of detail of the article, or if the subject matter is generally of interest. Special recognition is given to articles of an obscure nature that readers may not be as familiar with when compared to more well known subjects.

Visitors are strongly encouraged to read the actual Wikipedia article itself, as the summary on this site is only a brief overview of the topic. Additionally, many articles will have links to similar subjects, and this process of navigating through similar articles will often times result in many fascinating finds!

It should be noted, of course, that not every article is “cool”, as some articles relate to tragic events. These articles are presented not because the article is “cool” but because the article stands out due to its interesting subject matter or informative content.

Cool Wiki Articles contains hundreds of unique articles in dozens of categories. The articles can be rated by visitors, and all readers are encouraged to share their ratings as well as comments on the subjects.

Your suggestions, questions, and general feedback can be sent via e-mail to webmaster[at] and are always appreciated!

The article text published on this site is freely available, but a link back to the original page or to the root site is kindly requested. The individual Wikipedia articles presented on this web site are licensed under the GNU Free Documentation License.

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