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Unsinkable Sam

{ Article added: 01/21/2013 }
Unsinkable Sam was the nickname given to a ship's cat who served on board three vessels in World War II and survived the sinking of each ship. He was originally part of the German battleship Bismarck which was sunk ...Read More »

Minnesota Starvation Experiment

{ Article added: 04/17/2012 }
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The Minnesota Starvation Experiment was a study on the effects of human starvation to be used by aid workers following World War II. The study lasted over one year, with the volunteers undergoing a control period before a six ...Read More »

McLean House

{ Article added: 07/03/2010 }
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Categories : Civil War, Historical
On July 21, 1861, the first major battle of the American Civil War took place on farmland owned by Wilmer McLean. It was called the First Battle of Bull Run. Seeking to get away from the war, McLean, ...Read More »

Anna Bågenholm

{ Article added: 01/24/2010 }
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Anna Bågenholm is a Swedish woman famous for experiencing the lowest known body temperature in a case of hypothermia and surviving. In 1999, Bågenholm was skiing and fell headfirst onto a frozen stream where her upper body was soon ...Read More »

Ansel Bourne

{ Article added: 11/27/2009 }
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Ansel Bourne was a preacher living in Rhode Island in the 19th century who suddenly moved to Pennsylvania and opened a store under the name A.J. Brown. Bourne had been suffering from amnesia at the time and this life ...Read More »

Lazarus syndrome

{ Article added: 11/06/2009 }
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Lazarus syndrome is a medical condition where a patient who has been declared dead by doctors experiences a spontaneous return of circulation. Medical literature has documented at least twenty-five instances of the syndrome since 1982. Examples include a ...Read More »

Hollywood accounting

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Hollywood accounting is a phrase used to describe the practices of movie studios and financial backers of films whereby the money earned from a project is redistributed to separate corporate entities that are in fact owned by the same people ...Read More »