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Stronsay Beast

{ Article added: 07/19/2009 }
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The Stronsay Beast is the name given to the 55 foot carcass of an unidentified, dead sea creature that washed ashore on the island of Stronsay in Northern Scotland in 1808. The creature was missing part of its tail, ...Read More »

Taman Shud Case

{ Article added: 07/18/2009 }
On December 1, 1948, an unidentified man was found dead on a beach in Australia. The case became known as the "Mystery of the Somerton Man", as the man who was found that day on Somerton Beach was never ...Read More »

Discoveries of human feet on British Columbia beaches, 2007–2008

{ Article added: 07/05/2009 }
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With no explanation and a continued source of mystery and confusion, six human feet have been discovered along the coastline in British Columbia since 2007. An additional one foot was discovered near Pysht, Washington, in the United States. ...Read More »

Marree Man

{ Article added: 07/04/2009 }
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The Marree Man is the largest known geoglyph (drawing or design made in the ground) in the world and is located in South Australia. It appears to depict an indigenous Australian man holding a throwing stick and was discovered ...Read More »


{ Article added: 06/21/2009 }
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Also known as The Margate Monster, Trunko is the name given to a mysterious animal that appeared like "a giant polar bear" and was sighted off the coast of South Africa in 1924. Witnesses first saw the creature while ...Read More »

Ourang Medan

{ Article added: 06/05/2009 }
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According to legend, in the late 1940s, the ship S.S. Ourang Medan was sailing in waters off the coast of Indonesia when it sent out a distress signal. The radio operator of the Dutch cargo ship sent out garbled ...Read More »

Lake Winnipesaukee mystery stone

{ Article added: 05/25/2009 }
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The Lake Winnipesaukee mystery stone is a carved, egg-shaped stone with engraved symbols of unknown origin that was discovered in 1872 in New Hampshire. The stone is considered an out-of-place artifact, as it is unknown why it was found ...Read More »