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Eddie Waitkus

{ Article added: 01/16/2011 }
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Eddie Waitkus was a professional baseball player in the 1940s and 1950s who partially inspired the character of Roy Hobbs in the 1952 book and 1984 film The Natural. Waitkus was a World War II veteran who became a ...Read More »

Essex (whaleship)

{ Article added: 11/21/2009 }
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The Essex was an American whaling ship that was sunk by a sperm whale in 1820 and provided the inspiration for the novel Moby-Dick. The vessel was 87 feet long and was hunting in the Pacific Ocean with twenty-one ...Read More »

Richey James Edwards

{ Article added: 08/30/2009 }
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Richey James Edwards was the principal lyricist from the band Manic Street Preachers and is remembered for his troubled career as well as for his mysterious disappearance in 1995. He has been declared "presumed dead" with suspicions that he ...Read More »

Great Pacific Garbage Patch

{ Article added: 08/09/2009 }
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The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is a huge mass of plastic debris and other associated trash that has collected in an area of the Pacific Ocean. The "trash vortex" floats just below the surface of the water, so it ...Read More »

List of works published posthumously

{ Article added: 07/18/2009 }
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Many works in the area of music, literature, film, and drama have entered the public eye only after the death of its creator (or, in the case of film, a person involved in the production of the project). Perhaps ...Read More »

Haing S. Ngor

{ Article added: 05/19/2009 }
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Haing S. Ngor is only the second non-professional actor to win an Academy Award for acting, having won for his role as refugee journalist Dith Pran in the film The Killing Fields. In real life, Ngor experienced the persecution ...Read More »

Texas City Disaster

{ Article added: 05/04/2009 }
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The Texas City Disaster was the explosion of 2300 tons of ammonium nitrate and small arms ammunition on board the French ship SS Grandcamp in the port of Texas City, Texas, on April 16, 1947. Another ship that was ...Read More »